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Cocoon & Stars is a new approach to temporary accommodation for leisure. Its technical design was driven by the following requirements: minimum energy, minimum material, maximum interaction with the environment and maximum comfort. Cocoon & Stars now comes in several models, perfect for hotels and restaurants, events and residential use. Cocoon & Stars spheres provide a dreamlike space that leave untouched the surrounding nature and landscape. The structure has a minimum number of partitions. The Cocoon & Stars sphere is well suited to the magic of an extraordinary night in the desert and as a space for multifunctional use in the garden for all seasons.

Cocoon & Stars

The Bubble sphere is a product imagined and created in France by designer Stephane Dumas in 2005. The first version was a hut placed in the branches of trees that enabled people to experience unusual and memorable sensations when high above ground. The product evolved with acquired experience and as a response to the needs of the tourist and exhibition markets. We have named it "Cocoon and Stars" for the Middle East market. Inside Cocoon & Stars spheres, people will experience nature with their mind on the stars. It is a fabulous way to have fun and to make friends and customers feel good.